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Opportunities for RCM students

An RCM horn student teaching in a Sparks workshop
RCM Sparks offers invaluable experience of working with families and young people. Participating students are provided with comprehensive training, which also equips them with the tools to take on diverse roles in their future professional lives.

Learning and participation programmes are an increasingly important activity within arts organisations, charities and local authorities. Many Royal College of Music graduates will find themselves on outreach schemes or with the opportunity to help develop meaningful programmes of their own with future employers.

Workshop leadership with RCM Sparks

Percussionist Kizzy Brooks introduces the exciting training opportunities and enjoyable learning experiences available through RCM Sparks

Training opportunities

for 164 RCM students

In the 2019/20 academic year

By training with RCM Sparks, students will become part of a vibrant new generation of educators with relevant and meaningful practical experience. They will be involved in concert events and workshops, working with children of all ages, their families and their schools. Those working on the Mini Sparks programme, which is aimed at nursery children, will be trained in Dalcroze and work towards accreditation with Dalcroze UK, providing an opportunity to become qualified in a niche area of teaching.

The Music Man Project

Enjoy a brief glimpse of this exciting collaboration, in which RCM students received training in workshop leadership and adults with learning disabilities explored a rich variety of musical activities